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Welcome to Fiesta Pools and Spas! Tulsa County's premiere spot for pools, hot tubs, spas and your outdoor living needs since 1956. Find two stores!
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Assuming you are able to troubleshoot the problem with the hot tub then you have to wait for your parts to arrive and then find a local service company to come out and do the repair which could be an out of pocket expense as stated earlier. Wait times for parts can be long and frustrating.
The following should be done from the motor starter first. If a problem is found the motor and feeder must be separated and checked individually: 1) Lockout the motor and check the motor winding from phase to phase using a multimeter. The motor should have continuity from phase to phase. Review: I purchased a softub from southwest softub april of 2010. The warranty is supposed to be 5 years. The owner of the business is [redacted]. I have had no issues with him but unfortunately the corporate office is the one that validates warranties. Within the last few months the vinyl of the softub started stretching out.
Softub Financing Program. Home Owner or Renter? Simply click the appropriate link and find out in Softub International is looking for an official Distributor on Norway and Australia! Are you interested?
Depending on what type of Jacuzzi you are looking for there are different brands that get good reviews. For outdoor hot tubs, two of the most popular brands are Arctic Spas, Cal Spas, Caldera Hot ... Dec 14, 2020 Friendly Jacuzzi® Hot Tub Spa Parts Experts Since 1994 will help you find your parts and help you to get the job done. Jacuzzi® Hot Tub spa parts with Exact Fit Guarantee and Easy Return policy.
Submersible water pumps are devices that operate underwater and work by pushing water to the surface. Since submersible pumps do not experience pump cavitation and are highly efficient, these pumps are one of the most popular types of pumps on the market today.
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